Sunday, March 15, 2009

Camden turns 2....or maybe he's 3!?!?

So my baby turned 2 this past week. Hard to believe that when Brayden was that age I also had a newborn. What the he-- was I thinking!?!?! Honestly I am glad they are so close in age, I can already see how attached they are to each other. Brayden doesn't mind his little brother tagging along (yet), he actually requests Camden to come along. Jared and I got theatre tickets for a kids production of Baseball Saved Us and when I told Brayden that it would be just the three of us and we would get a babysitter for Camden he looked at me and very matter of factly said, "if Camden isn't going then we all stay home". So much for my idea of taking my oldest for some quality time without the little monster! So now it will be all four of us going with two of us in the lobby for the majority of the production I'm sure!

So back to my baby (aka monster) turning 2. He is starting to settle down a bit but his communication goes something like this; he babbles something and if you don't understand right this instant the melt down occurs until you can figure it out. By the way his meltdowns are extreme; he turns red in the face, puts his hands into fists straight down to his sides and screams with all of his might. If there is something in his hand, duck because he is going to throw it! It has made for some interesting afternoons! I have NO IDEA where he gets his temper...I say that and Jared laughs and says "I do".
As for the title of this, I do know that Camden turned 2 but if you look really hard at this picture you might see 3 candles. Yes, I put 3 candles in his cake....the cake that said 'Happy 2nd Birthday Camden'. The worst part is that it didn't even occur to me until 3 hours after his party ended! I was truely bothered by this lack of attention to the details of my 2 year olds 'day'. But I made a second cake for him the day of his actual birthday and then he got to blow out 2 candles on that cake. This cake is from a book my mom gave me last year, it is the same cake book that she used to make my cakes for me when I was growing up. At least until I was 9 and then I guess I wanted plain cakes the cut up cakes were too little kiddish for me I guess, we really don't appreciate our moms and what they do for us until we've grown up!

Overall, it was a good 2nd birthday! I still can't believe my baby is 2!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Better Late than Never?!?!?

Okay so as usual I am really not up to date with this blog. I even got started on Facebook and haven't been any better with that! So I have debated about just shutting down both, then a fellow mom told me how she uses her blog for scrapbook pages. She enters and then prints. So maybe I'll hang on to this a little while longer and see if that motivates me!??! Of course I'm also VERY far behind in the scrapbooking so printing out pages just adds to my pile!

We are all doing well here in Minnesota. As usual it's been a cold winter, they say colder than last year!?!? Well last year felt pretty brutal to me! We have been keeping busy around here with the everyday stuff. I have a pretty busy schedule for a stay at home mom with maybe one day/week where we just stay home. That HAS to change! My goal of staying off of the computer has been pretty successful. I check email a couple times a week, so I have had to tell my friends to call instead of emailing. Well now I'm on the phone too much!?!?! Vicious circle! Other than that it's been boring, but in a good way. Had some excitement this past week when Camden's elbow was dislocated so I really have found I prefer boring! He had 'nursemaids elbow' and there doesn't even have to be a reason for it to slip out of place. I was putting him in his car seat when it happened. I was a mess thinking I hurt my baby and was positive they were going to take him away from me. The whole time I'm hyperventilating on the phone with Jared and sobbing uncontrollably, Camden was sitting on the chair with his left arm sitting lifeless next to him shoveling fruit snacks and pretzels into his mouth with his right hand laughing at the Backyardigans. I composed myself and took him to the doctors where they 'diagnosed' him and told me that it had already popped back into place probably when I was looking at it at home and within a short time he was back to pulling himself up onto things he shouldn't be! His wonderful pediatrician told me that he was fine and that I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG....this is after I asked her if they were going to take him away from me, that gave her a good laugh. Then she tells me that he is probably going to have this happen on occasion because it seems that some children are susceptible to it. Lucky Camden! She showed me what to do if it does happen again, then after she looked up and saw my face she quickly added that I could also just bring him in. I must have looked horrified! Then I asked her to take xrays of his arm, just to be safe. I know, I know, unnecessary medical procedures but he is my baby!!!!!!!!

Here are a few pictures taken over the last few months (yes, I'm behind in my picture taking too so there really aren't many!)

Surprised this didn't dislocate something....poor kid could barely move!

The Gehle Christmas tree!

Camden decorating...what? My table!

Brayden in his first Christmas program

Camden being Camden!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Can't forget the Grandma

So in looking at my last couple posts I noticed there aren't any pictures of my mom and of course she was here also to love on her grandkids. Sorry Mom! But as a mom she knows we are always overlooked!!!

Grandma, Grandpa, Brayden and Camden 'shoved' into the train at Mall of America's amusement park.

Brayden was a bat for Halloween, even though he said he wasn't!?!? Camden was a dragon.

Grandpa's Love

We are VERY lucky in that they have two sets of attentive, encouraging, spoiling (I always have to 'reprogram' my children after grandparents leave!) loving grandparents. But this post is dedicated to a man who by choice loves my children unconditionally and doesn't have a 'biological' reason to. Stan is a wonderful Grandpa to my children and we are lucky to have him in our lives. We love you Stan!

Apple Orchard

So this happened about a month ago....actually a little over! But I just downloaded them and found some cute ones that I had to post. So here they are.....better late than never I suppose!

Showing Cam how to 'twist' and pull the apples.

In the second picture I love the way Camden is looking at his brother......I don't know what Brayden was saying to him but it doesn't matter, Camden thinks the sun rises and sets with his big brother. Overall these two love each other and will make each other laugh those adorable belly laughs, I pray every day that they stay this way forever!

We couldn't keep apples away from this baby the whole time we were in the orchard. Brayden doesn't like apples at all! Amazing how these two have COMPLETELY different tastes, and I don't remember doing anything different with either!! Of course we fought diaper rash for awhile after this! Anytime you get an apple from the fridge (or any food from anywhere for that matter) he's right at your's a little freaky how he just comes out of nowhere!

Friday, October 31, 2008

No Title Needed

I just LOVE this picture. Don't get me wrong I love to see their adorable faces but there's something about them in this picture. When I saw it on the computer after I downloaded it I thought about how neat it would be to get them to do this 5, 10, 15.....years from now until I have pictures of my children walking with their children (now I'm starting to cry!!!) and then framing them in progression. Great in theory but I wonder how hard it will be to get a 16 year old and a 14 year old (plus possibly one more that would be around 11) to do this......IMPOSSIBLE unless I'm promising a car!!!!!
By the way they are both walking towards a friend of mines little girl!!! No fighting over her broke out.....this time!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Baby #3

No I'm not pregnant!!! We are just talking about 'if' we have another......but as my ob/gyn told me it's a good idea not to wait too much longer. So I am praying about this and need to keep praying. In the meantime, Jared would like a baby born in the Fall and I want to keep with the Springtime (to be practical I do have A LOT of clothes for boys born then). I need everyone who reads this to give me their opinion on Fall vs. Spring born babies. I do have Brayden who I have to take to school so one big worry for me is taking a 3 month old out in -20 degree weather!

Thanks for your input!